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Our Green Promise from Our Family to Yours

Energy Concepts cares about the environment and what it means to our future. We will do our best to offer Nature Friendly, Energy Efficient Products when possible. We take measures to use building products and techniques that are safe for people and safe for the planet. We were green before green became a trend and a marketing tool for most other companies.


Family’s Health Is Important


That is why we take extra effort to control dust and construction debris on all our projects


We Use Environmentally Sound Disposal Methods


Energy Concepts takes extra effort to recycle materials from remodel projects. According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), construction waste makes up 20 percent of the waste in U.S. landfills. The majority of this waste can potentially be recycled. If more homes were deconstructed instead of demolished, the material generated could be reused, saving energy otherwise used during building and disposal. What does not go back into your projects is donated to Resource 2000 to be reuse. Any of our metal waste is turned in for recycle along with all cardboard and paper products.


RecycleGreenPromiseDo You Know?


  • What is Green Remodeling? A home can be considered green when using energy efficient designs, water and resource conservation, sustainable or recycled products and indoor air quality considerations are incorporated into the process of home renovations.
  • Green homeowners enjoy knowing they are doing something good for the environment, their family ant the future by saving energy and precious resources.
  • For every ton of material is sent to landfill, $289 enters the economy
  • For every ton of material is sent to be recycled, $564 enters the economy
  • According to the Environmental Defense fund, recycling a ton of materials saves the energy equivalent of $265 in electricity, petroleum, natural gas, and coal. This number accounts for the cost of the energy used for recycling collection.
  • If all U.S. Households installed water efficient appliances, the country would save more than 3 trillion gallons of water and more than $18 billion dollars per year
  • About 75 % of the water we use in our homes is used in the bathrooms
  • Approximately every 3 square feet of lumber saved from an older structure can become 1 square foot of a new residence
  • If deconstruction became the new residential demolition, contractors could use recovered wood to build 120,000 new affordable homes annually. This could save 10 acres of pine, which occupy the size of seven football fields
  • Owners who remodel instead of demolish divert 80 percent of the waste that a demolition would incur and save $2,540 in disposal costs
  • If carefully deconstructed and recycled into new products, the steel and plastic from a 2,000-square-foot home can preserve 59 million BTUs of embodied energy, equal to about 513 gallons of gasoline
  • Each ton of wood remodelers reuse avoids the emission of 60 pounds of greenhouse gases.


Passive Solar


Passive solar designs are means of using sunlight for useful energy without use of active mechanical systems. Passive solar presents the most cost effective means of providing heat to a building. This type of construction converts sunlight into useable heat, which can be stored for future use later in the day. Passive systems are simple, have few moving parts, and require minimal maintenance and require no mechanical systems. Sunlight is admitted into the space and virtually all of it is converted into thermal energy. Walls and floors are used for solar collecting and thermal storage by intercepting radiation directly, and absorbing reflected energy. Passive solar designs use the same principals to reduce summer cooling requirements.


If you choose your renewable energy projects carefully, it will cost little money, and save a lot of money on energy bills. The idea is to make sure that the projects you choose are the ones that will give you the best return for the time, effort and money that you put into them.


Energy Concepts planted its roots with passive solar designs and construction renovations. The knowledge imparted has been accumulated from over 30 years of experience in the business. Many companies claim to have the knowledge and understanding of passive solar but there are many considerations in completing solar renovations. The discipline needed to design and remodel homes takes years of education and apprenticeship to learn. If you do not possess these skills then your efforts of solar gain is lost or even worse they can create a situation where the possible build up of moil or other indoor airborne problems can occur otherwise known as a “sick home”.


In the last few years’ builders and remodelers are claiming to be “The Most Green” yet the result of their work is a structure ignoring even the most fundamental principals of Passive Solar Designs. A “Green” structure is not just adding a solar water heater or photovoltaic panels on the roof.


You need to educate yourself on the science before trusting the “experts”.


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